The Journey Begins


Empowering Woman and Paying It Forward

Celebrating the Chapter’s 10th Anniversary – April 2019



Membership Drive—October 22 to 25, 2018
Our annual membership drive was held in the Pavilion Building and Bonnell Lobby at the Main Campus, and at the Northwest and West Regional Centers.


Thanks go out to all of the students and staff that stopped by to talk about AAWCCP, as well as volunteers Faye Allard, Jackie Bryant, Elsa Astacio-Cousins, Bianca Cummings, Pam Gallimore, Charletha Porter and Nikki Sarpolis for their assistance during the drive. Our traveling pumpkin went along for the trip for those who wished to “Guess the Weight of the Pumpkin.”

Materia Guy, a student at the West Philadelphia Regional Center, was the winner of the $25 gift card guessing, 10 pounds of the 10.8 pound pumpkin. Congrats!

materia guy-2018 contest winner




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